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Blue Flame (1993)Blue Flame (1993)
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 3 August 2004

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi

Stars : Charley Hayward, Jad Mager, Kerri Green, Brian Wimmer

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Fleming, a futuristic cop, saw his daughter kidnapped by Flame and Rain, two aliens that were born out of his own dreams. Much later, the two aliens are kept in cryosleep; but Flemming's daughter is not dead, just a prisoner inside Flame's mind.

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Review :

The Accent Is Upon Obscurity.

The only directoral attempt by Cassian Elwes, this is a numbingly incoherent story that Elwes states he wrote during four days in hospital while sedated with opiates following surgery, and it must be noted that a drug-induced fog, indeed, seems to permeate the proceedings. As much as can be determined, the story is set in a future wherein a pair of anthropomorphic felons is imprisoned in a condition of suspended animation from which they escape, attracting energetic pursuit from a former policeman who knows that they kidnapped his young daughter, therewith causing his marital failure, all of which is included within a screenplay bare of intelligibility, dealing principally with the capability of the villains, named Fire and Rain, to enter human psyches at will. An essential consideration for success of a film that involves alteration of reality relative to temporal and spatial matters is that either a scientific framework for such surrealism as is evident here must be established, or the subject should be verbally let entirely alone, and a decision by Elwes to have his characters attempt to analyse the outrageous events of the tale only increases the unintelligible quality of this picture that, in all probability, possesses scant interest even for enthusiasts of science fiction and fantasy. Queer as they may be, Elwes presents ideas, but finds that directing a cast to expand upon them is entirely another matter, with the players here walking through thinly written roles, only Melissa Behr leaving a defined impression with a portrayal as some type of android; in sum then, this is a low-budget, chaotic item, cumbered by subpar production values in spite of inventive work by cinematographer Daniele Massaccesi.

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