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Red Cockroaches (2003)Red Cockroaches (2003)
iMDB Rating: 4.7

Date Released : 13 November 2003

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi

Stars : Adam Plotch, Talia Rubel, Diane Spodarek, Jeff Pucillo

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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First of a Trilogy: In a New York ravaged with acid rains, a man in his twenties meets a mysterious, yet familiar young woman who disrupts the banality of his day-to-day existence. Together, they will embark on a surreal journey with a devastating climax.

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S10 Reviews: Red Cockroaches (2004)

This surreal indie features a young man living in New York in the not-to-distant future. Acid rain plagues the city making people nuts and the titular title creatures. The man runs into an intriguing woman on the subway but when he tries to talk to her all that is left is a strange tooth. Later the woman becomes his roommate and it all get's absolutely bizarre from there.

Red Cockroaches touches on a gamut of topics least of which is incest. Pretty nuts but it's a very good flick otherwise. Very well made and acted on a shoestring.

S10 Says: Acting: 8 / 10 Direction: 8 / 10 Writing: 7 / 10 Photography: 7 / 10 Production Design: 7 / 10 The Sound: 7 / 10 Music: 6 / 10 Laughs / Scares / Thrills / the Gore Zone: 6 / 10 Fun Value: 6 / 10 Overall: 7 / 10 Score: 69 / 100

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Streaming Red Cockroaches (2003) Online