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Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still (2013)Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still (2013)
iMDB Rating: 2.1

Date Released : 1 April 2013

Genre : Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Western

Stars : Robert Amstler, Nadia Lanfranconi, Anthony Sant'Anselmo, John J. Welsh

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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An alien scout lands on earth in the year 1854. The creature is searching for water and food. Once it finds what it needs, it will call in an invasion fleet. A lone cowboy must stand against the alien invader or all will be lost.

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Review :

Mockbuster, a bit entertaining - on a geek level though.

Original title, as displayed in the movie: Alien Predator War.

This is actually a nice movie, considering the budget and the level of amateurism. The story is thin but interesting. The cinematography is really amateuristic. It is clear what it is supposed to look like, but it just doesn't.

The movie score is monotonous at best. Better than no music, they must have thought. Some kind of elevator music I think. The acting is fairly decent, save Robert Amstler's performance (Reinhardt/Alien invader) which is more like pretending to act, while stepping through the forest scenery like a 1967 sasquatch. Amstler is best described as a cousin of Arnold Schwarzenegger who never took acting lessons. Also he is the producer of this movie. Multi-tasking is common in these mockbuster movies. Rene Perez is director, cameraman, writer, editor, and fight choreographer.

Special effects are creative but far from good, again with an ultra low budget in mind - fair. There is some inspired screenplay, like making use of the environment nicely (the huge fallen trees). An alien invader (predator lookalike from the movie "Predator") comes in. Very creatively the dreadlock-like beady hear strings are suggested with pieces of ragged cloth. Also, it's stepping through the woods like bigfoot. That's when I realized it must be the same actor playing Reinhardt. Another alien (a "gray") transmits information in an inaudibly garbled voice. I still wonder what it was saying.

The cgi guy worked miracles. Really, I take off my hat. Nice work!

There is a scene with bears, which is clearly out of a documentary like from Discovery or National Geographic. Well, as long as they paid for it it's okay. And YES! There is nudity which seems to arouse the praying predator, breathing heavily and grunting like an animal - and wow! It appears silicone breast implants were available in 1894. Later, in present time, the "gray" alien also likes to look at the naked female body. Kinky aliens, those.

The camera-work and editing allowed a little too much filler footage, seconds in where nothing really happens or is added to the movie, and no entertainment value is apparent. A lot of lost seconds, makes the movie advance a little faster trough time. At the end I was like: "Really? Already?"

Concluding I'd say it is a nice movie on the amateur level. Something a cosplay club could have thrown together. Script is consistent, all the way, in contrary to the Asylums recent "Jack the giant killer". Once I discarded Amstler's chunky acting and the amateuristic cinematography, the movie was really not bad. Was I entertained? Moderately. On a geek level, though.

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