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Lipgloss Explosion! (2001)Lipgloss Explosion! (2001)
iMDB Rating: 6.9

Date Released : 27 April 2001

Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi

Stars : Share Cherrie, Vickie Velvet, Johnny Diaz Reyes, Elizabeth Young

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Lipgloss Explosion follows the antics of an amateur detective named Taffy who accidently uncovers an evil scientist's plot to take over the world with an army of female robots. Dodge is the shy boy next door that gets tangled up in Taffy's dangerous investigation.

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Oddball Indie Inspires

Lipgloss Explosion is a weird film, its about female robots taking over the world but is mixed with odd characters and surreal scenes that you watch in disbelief at their inconsistence, like when Dixie gets a knock on her "door" and she answers and its a closet, and you can see the hangers and bags, angry at being interrupted while watching a soap opera, she goes back into the closet slamming the door. There are moments, where even as the director is taking a shot at the studio formula he gives a taste of his talent, during the fight scenes, they are synchronised in boxy fast clips to funny music, like in RunLolaRun when people's future is put on fast-forward in a snapshot way, but Chris Morrissey has a 80's pop feel to it. There is a stunning girlrobot in g-string who with her ray gun zaps, and either kills or turns girls into zombies, depending on the 5 dollar ray gun sound, but when the robot attacks, Chris Morrissey uses his boxy clips, but slows them down to a new effect. Mannequins as backdrops add to the oddness, a detective fighting with another girl using a teddy bear, a giant latina wearing lingerie, donuts stacked on plates and phone sex as a girls job make you think the director has lost all his marbles but then he uses profanity every 3 seconds and Taffy reads her lines from the floor and actually thinks its unnoticed to a funny effect, Director Chris Morrissey is an inspiration to young filmmakers and I believe he's here to stay.

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Streaming Lipgloss Explosion! (2001) Online