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The Good Book (1997)The Good Book (1997)
iMDB Rating: 6.8

Date Released : 25 April 2000

Genre : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Stars : Bryan Campbell, Barry Gerdsen, Chris Paine, Alan Ambron

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A dark, futuristic tale of society's doomed near future.

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Review :

You have to see this film!

The Good Book is one of the most enjoyable shot on video flicks I have ever encountered. It has a solid premise: in the future, people exist solely around the Internet. To venture outside would risk the possibility of becoming a solar enhanced mutant. To up the ante, however, an even more brilliant plot twist is thrown into the plot.

Computer repairman Joseph Cyrus (Brian Campbell) must hazard the outside world to keep the internet coming to customers who are as entranced as the flesh clutching zombies Cyrus must ward off. Cyrus, who had created a virus that was capable of decimating the Internet, is under the watchful eyes of the authorities. One gathers his dangerous labor as almost penance for his past sins. A God like being begins to appear to Cyrus (played by co-scripter, Barry Gerdsen).

He wants Cyrus to resurrect the dread virus and destroy the Internet. Cyrus becomes a hunted man as word spreads and shadowy soldiers hunt him in the night. This flick has some of the best action sequences for a shot on video film. Cyrus flees through a fog-riddled forest as flashlights arc through the tree limbs. It is an epic scene and to capture it so convincingly on video is a notable triumph.

When Cyrus and the `God' square off for the final confrontation, some very incredible f/x come into play (courtesy of special effects man, Fred Kraemer). The bottom line is: this is a very refreshing film that will have you gasping for air on more than one occasion.

While the acting is not the best you'll ever see, there are some very convincing moments. Some of the smaller scenes would have benefited by a little more discipline on director Giaquinto's part, but do not effect the big picture. The sets are appropriately dismal and shot in a gloomy nightfall. Giaquinto rises above the limits of the shot on video flick to deliver a mini indie classic that will be talked about by fans for years.

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Streaming The Good Book (1997) Online